Kümbre (küm-brā), means summit. Kümbre Gear is metro-mountain inspired lifestyle brand based in Park CIty, Utah. The Kümbre name is inspired by a Bolivian Andean summit that our founding designer grew up near, referred to by locals as La Cumbre.
Our story began in New York City when, Jeannine Feierbach and Lamont White met in design school. After years of designing in the outdoor market, they've've brought their love of design and the outdoors to the Rocky Mountains.
We actively support community involvement, volunteerism and diversity through our brand.
Kümbre headwear, accessories and apparel are developed with the highest of standards. Only the best quality manufacturing will do when you wear our Andean Condor logo.
Thank you for including us on your adventure as you discover your personal summit!
Kümbre Gear. Discover Yours.


Kümbre Gear®.

Born in the Andes and designed in the Rockies®.